a record label dedicated to putting out positive hip hop music.

Modurn Languaj Asosiashun (pronounced Modern Language Association) is a collective of hip hop artists dedicated to the positive hip hop movement.  

If you take a look at the MLA logo- it is an upside down tree. We compare hip hop to a tree. When you look at a tree, what you see is not the only thing that keeps the tree alive.  What keeps the tree alive is what you don't see--- the roots. The roots of hip hop are what keep the culture and the movement alive.  We believe in flipping the tree and bringing the roots of hip hop to the forefront. 

MLA is hip hop that maintains the elements of the culture as the foundation to the music. MLA is hip hop that remains loyal to rap as an art form. MLA is hip hop that educates on the history of hip hop's beginnings. MLA is pushing hip hop forward, while remaining anchored to the elements of a culture that has changed the world. MLA is MC'ing.  MLA is DJ'ing. MLA is B-boying. MLA is graffiti art.  MLA is hip hop.

Take a listen. Download some songs. Share them. Go to a show. Buy some products.  Join the movement. Support positive hip hop.



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